Garmin Vivoactive Smartwatch Review (pros and cons)

Garmin vivoactive smartwatch review

I’ve been using the Garmin Vivoactive smartwatch for the past year. It has helped me live a more active life. The watch is touch screen and allows you to cycle through different activities like, running, walking, cycling, swimming, and even playing golf.

It offers other functions, such as find my phone, the ability to read emails or texts, (does not allow you to reply, check the weather, calendar events, and play music from your phone. It doesn’t allow you to pick the songs just play, skip and pause. The watch is synced to an app on your phone called Garmin Connect, and can also be added to additional fitness apps such as Strava.

Garmin vívoactive: Pairing with Your Smartphone

In the app you can track all of your activities and even see your friends activities. You can pull up maps and stats of their workouts, and how many steps they have made for that week. The app will rank you and tell you who is more active. You can track your sleep as well, I like this function because it allows me to see when I’m tossing and turning and when I’m in a deep sleep. You can set your average bedtime in the app, so you can get on a regular sleep schedule.

The Garmin Vivoactive is a part of my daily active life. I have used it while running, swimming, and evening golfing. Pro and Con breakdowns on each activity below.  The Vivoactive has without a doubt helped me become aware of my activity level.

Garmin Vivoactive Running Review

Running Pros

I use the running function the most; It tracks your speed, distance and time. It helps you keep on pace by letting you know how fast I’m running by telling me my pace per mile. You can pause the workout and restart if you desire.

In the app you and your friends can see the route you ran and goes more into detail about your workout. It gives you your elevation, cadence, and speed in MPH or KPH (depending on your setting). It also calculates how many calories you burned, to get a more accurate reading you will have to put your weight in your profile. (kinda creepy but still a total pro)

Running Cons

If the watch doesn’t connect to GPS before you start your workout the accuracy will be off (annoying but easy to avoid)

During a workout you can not check the time without ending the workout.

Garmin Vivoactive Golf Review

Golfing Pros

If you’re a golfer then you will love this area of the watch. You can download any course you want to play on and the watch will give you the distance to the green. No more spending tons of money on rangefinders, all you have to do is look down at your wrist and you’ll know exactly how far you are away.

You can even keep score on your wrist, so no more looking for a pencil or trying to keep track of those pesky score cards. In the app you can see your progress on the course.

Golfing Cons

The golf function eats up your battery life, so make sure to have a full charge when you start playing. Nothing sucks more than your watch dying and having to fly blind on the course. Not to mention losing your score.

Garmin Vivoactive Swimming Review

Swimming Pros

This watch is %100 water proof. It will track your swim time and distance, in yards or meter (for this you will have to set it up in the settings). You can also track your split times by hitting the button on the side, which will stop the split time, but keep the over all workout time. In the app it will tell you your calories burned and even give you your swolf (SWOLF is an abbreviation for “Swim Golf”. It is a score based on adding together your strokes per length, and the time for the length).

Swimming Cons

When the watch is wet it has trouble reading your finger as your try to interact with the face. 

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