How to: Assign a domain To Bluehost cPanel


If you have registered a new domain at one place and have hosting at a different place then you are required to point your domain to the webhosting service [See How To: Point Domain from Namecheap to Bluehost?]. Once you have pointed your Domain to your Bluehost Webhosting, then all that is standing between you and building your website is the fact that your domain is still not on the Bluehost cPanel or that it still has not been assigned to Bluehost cPanel. Well, assigning a domain which has already been pointed to Bluehost is an extremely simple task and we have provided a step by step guide with pictures for you below that you may find it easy to follow.

Here are the steps..

Step 1: Log into your Bluehost account.

Step 2: Now click the “domains” tab, followed by the “assign” tab.

How to Assign a domain To Bluehost cPanel 1

Step 3: Now select “Use a domain that is not already assigned to your account” and type in the name of your domain without the http:// or www.

How to Assign a domain To Bluehost cPanel 2

Step 4: Now let Bluehost “Verify ownership” and wait for a while.

Step 5: When the ownership has been verified choose how you would like to assign the domain.

How to Assign a domain To Bluehost cPanel 3

Step 6: Now name the directory whatever you want (usually it’s the name of the website for easier identification of the directory later on).

How to Assign a domain To Bluehost cPanel 4

Step 7: Then click “Assign the domain.”

Voila! You have successfully assigned a domain to your Bluehost cPanel. Now you can start building your website! If you have any queries, please feel free to ask in the comments below..

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