Need to Screen Share? Say hello to screenshot

For the last few years I have used Google Hangouts. I have been super happy with the product. It’s free and really useful for having online meetings with clients and my team. I’ve used Hangouts for years without issue.

Then something happened. Over the last few months the service  I’ve used and enjoyed for years seemed to stop working. My team was no longer able to access hangout links we’ve used for ages. New hangouts would not allow us to share our screen. One of the most annoying issues was when I would click the button to share my screen it would show my camera.  Sometimes a person is not ready for the camera.

Best Screen Share solution

Well today my lead developer pings  over a link to join a meeting via

We jumped on a meeting with screen share within seconds. benefits 

  • No signup or email needed to create or join a meeting
  • It’s a free. No install required
  • You’re able to create custom urls for meetings (ex:
  • The call, screenshare, and video quality are top notch.
  • Oh and their design is lovely

Screenshot of screenshot


Screenshot of chat window chat window

Visit today and start your screenshare.

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